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About the Centre

AIC-CCMB was recently awarded with a MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) under Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) 2.0 Scheme of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. India is the 2nd largest startup ecosystem in the world with over 8000 startups working in deep tech. MeitY intends to aggressively promote innovation and entrepreneurship in this emerging focus area by  leading and facilitating a gamut of Innovation and IPR related activities across the country towards expansion of this ecosystem.
MeitY Start-up Hub (MSH) have been set ups under this program specifically to facilitate MeitY's vision, and act  as a nodal entity for  national coordination, facilitation and monitoring centre that will integrate all the incubation centres, start-ups and innovation related activities of MeitY.
AIC-CCMB aims to supports not just startups’ and innovators using Information Communication Technology (ICT) in healthcare through its MSH centre but other incubators as well. CSIR -CCMB is a globally renowned research institution working in the field human health and genomics and is poised to take up a leadership role in precision medicine. AIC-CCMB aims to leverage this strength and foster innovation in the areas of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics etc in healthcare and related emerging areas to address societal challenges in ICTE areas.
MSH will ensure synergistic linkages among theTIDE centres, theme based incubation centres, Centre of Excellences on emerging technologies and other collaborative platforms. The MSH will also ensure crisscrossing of technology resources across the innovation ecosystem to come out with technology solutions to various societal challenges.
As Indian researchers and innovators begin to expand the boundaries of science, pursuing novel therapies, diagnostics, medical devices and industrial solutions, we want to ensure that their technologies are translated into sustainable business solutions that reach the citizens.
Key Features of the Scheme

  • Fostering and evangelizing a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that inspires budding entrepreneurs as well as support existing ones
  • Creating entrepreneurship models of both financial as well as social value.
  • Provide holistic incubation support including co-working space, mentoring, and networking for startups.
  • Support for tech- startups for entire journey from idea-to-market under Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) program with support of Rs 4- 7 lacs, grants & investments.
  • Create vital inter-linkages/ exchanges of information among all the relevant stakeholders on-board and in sync with relevant line Ministries/ Departments
  • Build a collaborative portal/ repository
  • Provide IPR Protection/ Legal Compliance Services through Centre of Excellence in Intellectual
  • Property Rights (CoE-IP). The financial support for startups will be provided to facilitate IPR filings.
  • Incubator Support Services  for  startups
  • Year Round Engagement Programs- Low & Deep Engagement Programs, Challenge Grants,
  • Hackathons, IPR Sensitization and an Annual Global Startup Event
  • Holistic Mentorship Programs typically composed of startup executives, venture capitalists,
  • industry experts, academia and other investors
  • Robust Corporate-Start-up Business Connect Platform for startups
  • Linkages to VC /Angel fund



Bring Your Own Idea

It is time to invigorate healthcare and infect professionals with the virus of entrepreneurship!

Atal Incubation Center – Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (AIC-CCMB) strongly believes that digital strategies to scale medicine as a way to improve healthcare worldwide. We want to inspire technologists to work with the healthcare community to accelerate medical innovation. The AIC-CCMB TIDE 2.0 Ideathon 2020 is just the first step in identifying these visionaries.

In AIC-CCMB TIDE 2.0 Ideathon 2020, we encourage you to "Bring Your Own Idea" that we can support under Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs Scheme (TIDE 2.0) of MeitY Startup Hub (MSH), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. We are looking for individuals and teams with medical, engineering, business, and design backgrounds who are passionate about developing solutions for unmet clinical needs.

We will incubate you at our #WorldClassIncubator established at CSIR – Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog). We will provide you with scientific & clinical guidance, business induction, regulatory and IP trainings, design thinking workshops, along with networking gatherings. The teams undergo a process of sourcing clinical needs, inventing solutions and planning for implementation of a business strategy. The AIC-CCMB TIDE 2.0 program places a priority on need identification, a formal process of selecting, researching and characterizing needs before beginning the process of invention.

We will support you in your journey to develop market-driven outcomes for commercialized solutions with our strategic partners who are committed to your success.

The Call

As a part of CCMB’s efforts to crack the genetic enigma, CCMB has carried out experiments, which yield high amounts of metadata. After the analysis for knowns traits, much of the data is left untouched. There is tremendous potential in this data to build models for precision medicine, better clinical outcomes for the Indian population and in general, improve wellness.

Potential areas of work:

  • Develop models to analyze metadata obtained as a result of NGS test
  • AI leading to precision medicine
  • Medical Imaging for diagnosis and clinical assistance
  • Computer vision for augmented medicine
  • Leveraging bioinformatics, NLP & genomic sequencing to diagnose diseases and strengthen personalized medicine
  • IoT models for Organ-on-Chip, Smart wearables, IoT based medical devices and diagnostics

What can we do for you?

AIC-CCMB is a life sciences incubator promoted by CCMB, a premier research institute in frontier areas of modern biology. Currently, this centre is supporting healthcare start-ups with focus on biological research for industrialization & commercialization of products and processes. With dedicated teams comprising of highly qualified researchers working on focused areas such as bioinformatics and genomics, CCMB is heralding a new dawn of genomics and precision medicine.

AIC-CCMB is welcoming innovative ideas from technologists, data scientists and developers to a unique challenge to develop creative and effective solutions for real-world problems in healthcare – specifically genomic research and precision medicine. It is our endeavor to unite life sciences and ICT to tackle healthcare challenges and explore new methodologies and ideas for maximum impact. We shall be supporting innovators with Grants-in-Aid up to Rs. 7 lakhs for developing roof-of-Concept/ prototypes of their ideas.

What do you get?

Entrepreneurs-in- Residence* Grants-in-Aid*
  • Awarded to 4 individuals/ startup with an idea.
  • Seed fund upto Rs. 4 lakhs each, over a period of 1 year to convert idea to Proof of Concept(PoC)
  • Immersion program at AIC-CCMB
  • Awarded 4 Startups with a Proof of Concept
  • Grants-in-aid upto Rs. 7 lakhs each, over a period of 1 year for development of MVP
  • Incubation at AIC-CCMB
  • Chance for startups to get an investment up to 40 lakh INR for product development and market outreach through MSH Fundraising support
  • Holistic mentorship program with domain experts in AIC-CCMB, CCMB and other MNCs
  • Access to wet lab facility at AIC-CCMB
  • Workshops on IPR, Regulatory, business induction etc.
  • Access to high-end analytical services at CCMB at research rates.
  • Networking avenues with VC/Investors
  • Robust corporate-start-up business connect platforms

Details & Selection Process


Individuals: B.Tech, BE, MBBS , MSc, MS, M.Tech, MPhil, MD & PhD below 35 years from fields of IT, life sciences, business, engineering, medicine & human biology (Open only to Indian citizens, undergraduates can also apply)

Startups – All registered startups as per Startup India

Important dates

Last date: April 15, 2020
Selections: Last Week April
Fest (only)Finalists: To be announced
To apply:


For Queries: Write to us,
Or call us on +9140- 271 95 609, +91 709 58 38 049