Covid-19 Technology Deployment (CoviTED)

About The Program


AIC-CCMB has initiated several activities including support for development and validation of novel Covid-19 innovations by start-ups and MSMEs. Our goal is to support and rapidly deploy diagnostics and therapeutics through the participation of research institutes, industries, policy maker and incubators.

As the pandemic wages in the country with devastating consequences, AIC-CCMB is inviting entrepreneurs and innovators with promising technologies to join our Covid-19 Technology Deployment (CoviTeD) Acceleration Program. A CSR initiative of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL), the CoviTeD program aim to provide high impact mentoring, financial, regulatory and marketing support to take these products and technologies to market.

Focus Areas

  • Medical devices for management of covid-19 patients
  • Quantifiable tests for ancillary markers of Covid-19
  • Rapid Diagnostics
  • Drugs & Therapeutics
  • Sterilization and hygiene
  • Logistics for biologicals


We invite applications from startups and innovators with technologies/products for managing COVID-19, who are looking for clinical validations, certification etc.

Startups whose technologies/products are deemed to be of huge importance in our ongoing fight against COVID, will be recommended for NIDHI-Seed Support Scheme of DST.

Program content:

  • Module-1: Validation of solution and scope
  • Module-2: Markets – Primary Market Analysis, TAM
  • Module-3: Refining the solution with customer centric approach, Validating Value Proposition
  • Module-4: Regulatory clearances and IP filing
  • Module-5: Pricing, Customer buying analysis, Competitor analysis, Product Life-cycle analysis
  • Module-6: Establishing Supply chain, Launch strategy, Sales & Positioning.

Each module involves prototyping, validation at CSIR- CCMB, interaction with end user and mentoring from best industry leaders.

What you get

Current Cohort of CoviTeD

Important Dates

  • Call opens Dec 28, 2021
  • Deadline for Applications for Cycle 2 is Jan 31, 2022
  • Apply here

Acceleration Program:

Duration of the program is 16 weeks

How to apply?


Mir Ali

Acceleration Program Coordinator