जंगli-IDEATHON, a brainchild of AIC-CCMB, is a national endeavour to tackle pressing issues and foster innovation in wildlife. It aims to explore themes like Human-Animal Conflict resolution, Anti-Poaching Technologies, Interactive Wildlife Tourism, and Deforestation Prevention. The top ideas will receive implementation support, empowering you to make a tangible impact on conservation efforts. Join us in protecting our planet’s precious ecosystem

Call Open: 5th March - 30th April 2024


Human-Animal Conflict Resolution

Anti-Poaching Technology

Interactive Wildlife Tourism

Preventing Deforestation


Individuals or teams of two with members above the age of 18 with an innovative tech-enabled idea to solve challenges in wildlife and promote conservation.

Applications are invited through the registration link featured on the website. Only applications through the web portal will be accepted. No other forms of application will be considered. 

Each application must be focused on a specific challenge and an idea to solve it. However, if anyone have multiple ideas, they can submit separate applications for each of them. 

You can contact Aniket Kumar, Program Coordinator at AIC-CCMB.     Email:     Phone: +91 40-27195630

Ideas which solve issues facing themes relevant to wildlife using novel technology interventions. These should be scalable, easy to use, accessible to locals and innovative. Think beyond conventional technologies such as camera traps, Geographical Indication (GI) Tags, and drone camera technology. We are looking for ideas based on ICT, biotechnology, AI-ML, IoT, etc. 

The entries will be evaluated based on Innovativeness, Scalability, Feasibility, Novelty, and Technology Used

The winners will be enrolled in a supportive program to develop a prototype and are expected to receive grants.