Microphysiological Systems Researchers' Database

The Centre for Predictive Human Model Systems, Atal Incubation Centre-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (AIC-CCMB, Hyderabad) has built an open-access, interactive database to map researchers in India working on human-relevant systems (including microphysiological systems, organoids, organs-on-chip, 3D tissues, ex vivo cultures, biomaterials, etc.)

This database maps parameters such as the type of model systems, diseases, skills and infrastructure that researchers across India are establishing. This database also maps the technology readiness level (TRL) of these methods. The database will help forge academic & industrial collaborations and act as a comprehensive resource for government & regulatory bodies to enable policy decisions & funding.

We hope you find this resource useful and enjoy interacting with it! If you are a scientist working on human-relevant systems, we invite you to contribute to our database.

Register for the database here. Please reach out to us in case of any further questions.